How to become a member

To be a member of Kristianstad Student Union is worth a lot. You’ll have the insurance that we will offer guidance and support if you run into a problem during your education. Moreover you are helping us help you. With more members we become a stronger organization in our work for a better education. Also you get quick access to all the discounts that makes the student life a little easier

One year or one semester

We have two different lengths on our memberships, a school-year or a semester. With a membership for a year you will save a little money and automatically get your new card in the beginning of the next semester. All you have to do is to register at your new course at the university. To become a member for a school-year costs 350kr and you save 12,5% compared to becoming a member each semester. However should it be that you only study at the university for one semester, than the semester membership is perfect for you!

Choose the best option for you

Become a member now

Do you want to become a member?

All program-students and student who have been members before gets a notice sent to their home adress. Use it to log in. Here you may both pay you membership fee and check so we have your correct personal information
Become a member now

Common questions about membership and student discounts

When your payment come through you will get an e-mail with instruction on how to activate your card. After activation you may either download the card to your smartphone or choose to get a plastic card sent to your registered address. The E-card in your smartphone downloads instantly and offers a faster access to your student discounts.
This may depend on different things, but it is important that you are registered at your courses at Kristianstad University. If you are not registered a card is not ordered for you. It might be that we have an incorrect address for you. Log on to the membership pages and check so we have the correct address.
Yes and no. The discounts listed at this website are only valid for members of Kristianstad Student Union. However the national dicounts granted by the student card co-operations you don’t need to be a memeer to get, but we can’t help you get a student card. But when you become a member you get a student card and access to all discounts as well as all other advantages of being a member.