A corridor gives you an easy and fast path to a good student life, because you will meet a lot of other students. You have your own room and often your own toilet and shower. You share the kitchen with other students in the corridor. You need to buy kitchen tools.

Own apartment
The apartment has a kitchen, shower and toilet.  

Shared apartment
You can share apartment with friends and reduce the cost per person.

It is dependent on the queue but apply as soon as possible.

Yes you can be in the queue before you have been accepted at the school.

You pay 1500 kr or 4000 kr depending on standard and location of the apartment.

Student apartments usually have 10 months’ rent. In some cases you need to pay 12 months, especially if it´s not a student apartment.

The rent is paid one month in advance

To utilize the accommodation guarantee KSK offer students you first need to register on our web page. Then you register at the mortgage companies in order to be in the accommodation queue

Broadband is included in the rent in ABK: s and Krebos student apartments next to the school.

In some apartments, if the neighbors don’t mind. Talk to the mortgage companies for more information.

Families with kids and people without, that are between age 18 and 29 can be granted housing allowance if they apply to the social security office. The amount you get depends on how much you earn and how much you pay for rent. Read more on the social security office “” web page.

If you buy a TV for the apartment you have to report it to Radiotjänsten. You pay a fee to them in order to watch TV.

Yes, it gives good protection for you and your property.

Main rule is that you are registered in that area you live. Different areas of registration have different criteria for you in order to be granted allowance and how much you pay in tax. For you to receive post/mail, register your new address five days in before you move. To register your new address, visit or call them 020-979899. You inform the post office of your new address by giving them a form. Your new address is then given to authorities and companies. Read more at

Contat your telephone operator