Students at HKR are offered a accommodation guarantee from Kristianstad municipality. Here you get general information about it, and how you register. Below we have listed the local housing companies, information about their apartments, rental levels and how to search for accommodation. If you have questions regarding the accommodation guarantee or other accommodation questions, contact . We’ll also be available by phone on the 4th of January and forward.

Accommodation guarantee – step by step

  1. You are interested in applying to Kristianstad University. Before you get your acceptance letter you can register to the queue at e.g. ABK “housing company”, in order to get accommodation faster when you have been accepted to Kristianstad University.
  2. You are accepted to a course or programme of “minimum 15hp” and receives your acceptance letter.
  3. Register for the accommodation guarantee at the bottom of this page. It’s possible to register from the time when you recieve your acceptance letter until one week into the semester.
  4. Print the accommodation form you find here: Accommodation form (Opens in a new window)
  5. Search accommodations and fill in the form with all contacts you have with housing companies.
  6. If you not found any accommendation 30 days after your registration, you sign the accommodation guarantee form and send it to our accommodation coordinator, Kristianstad Studentkår, Elmetorpsvägen 15 Hus 15, 291 39 Kristianstad, and you will be given accommodation.

This is how Kristianstad municipality accommodation guarantee works

  • In order to fulfill the requirements for the accommodation guarantee KSK require your commitment. You need to register in the accommodation guarantee register.Then you need to search for apartments at the local mortgage companies and private landlords. If you don´t have an apartment after 30 days the accommodation guarantee steps in and helps you. For you to prove that you have been searching actively you fill in a form with all contacts you had with local mortgage companies and private landlords.
  • You have to search for apartments in entire municipality of Kristianstad, and the yearly rent can not be higher than 43 000 SEK.
  • If you haven´t been offered accommodation 30 days after registration at KSK and you can show that you have been searching actively, you will get an apartment from the guarentee.
  • The guarentee is primarily for students that are not registered in Kristianstad municipality. If you are registered in Kristianstad municipality your application won´t be processed before first of November.
  • You can be given student rooms, apartments or shared apartments. If you are under 30 years old you can be offered youth accommodation. Other solutions can also be available.
  • Your application is processed according to when we acquire it.
  • The accommodations are within Kristianstad municipality and they have public transport 2 times an hour during office hour.
  • The accommodation you are offered can´t have a annual rent above 43 000 kr.
  • Rooms may be furnished, but is not something we require.
  • You can register when your acceptance letter arrive until one week into the semester.

Landlords and mortgage companies

  • AB Kristianstadsbyggen,
  • Krebo,
  • is a meeting place for everyone who wants to rent out their apartments, but also for everyone who is looking for an apartment right now.
  • is a modern marketplace that matches landlords with rental seekers.
  • You can find more mortgage companies and private landlords in Kristianstads municipality here: bostadssida,
  • has several student apartments.
  • You can also find apartments here:

Accommodation guarantee form

The accommodation warranty is closed for the semester.