Welcome to Kristianstad Student Union

Our motto is: The student´s best friend. KSK is there is you have questions about your studie organisation, about the university general or if you just want to get to know new people.

How does Kristianstad Student Union  “KSK” help students? The primary tasks are to work with education monitoring and issues regarding student welfare.

Education monitoring

KSK influence the course schedule planning and affects the outcome of all decisions taken at Kristianstad University by having students from the student union representing the students in all meetings. A lot of resources are spent on helping students with education oriented problems. KSK has a lot of experience and knowledge working with these kind of problems. If a student needs help and change, we are there to assist and guide. Members in the education committee monitor different education areas and work in a proactive way. The education committee appoints class representatives and frequently conducts meetings in order to discuss the education conditions. KSK is also working to improve the regional area for students, this can include seeking improved bus-traffic or overseeing the students living conditions.

Student welfare

In order to make the student life better KSK works with issues regarding student welfare e.g. loans, accommodation, insurance, student discounts, scholarships and communication problems.



The social committee under the union. They organise events like boardgame nights, baking event and from time to time a pub crawls.

If you want to get in contact with new people SAUS is the answer.